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About Our Team


MacArthur Holdings is a fourth-generation, family-run real estate business based in New York City.  With 70 years of experience building, owning, and operating property in the world’s foremost real estate market, we believe in the long term viability of the Real Estate market and seek to maximize return through opportunistic investing. 

The company’s portfolio includes multifamily, retail, office, hotel, and future development sites.  In New York City, MacArthur owns and has built property in Manhattan’s most desirable markets such as Soho, the Meatpacking District, Times Square, the Upper West Side, and in many of the emerging neighborhoods of Brooklyn. 

Outside of New York City, MacArthur has built and continues to be active in building multi-family, office, warehouse, manufacturing, distribution, and self-storage facilities.  These holdings include speculative developments as well as ground up “build to suit” construction.

Simon Katz 2.JPG

MacArthur Holdings was founded by Simon Katz. Here he is pictured in 1970.

Simon Katz 3.JPG

Simon pictured with his four children. David, Philip, and Howard are the current principals of MacArthur Holdings.


David Katz, Principal

Howard Katz, Principal

Philip Katz, Principal

Andrew Katz, Partner

Gabriel Katz, Partner

Jeremy Katz, Partner

Robert Loffredo, Chief Financial Officer, Partner

Deborah Knowlton, Controller

Josephine Mantellino, Property Manager

Robert Doster, Partner

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